-  the Beautiful Island -

Taiwan is another absolute favorite of mine.
Here seems to be everything,- a treasure house of traditional Chinese culture ,- highly cultivated and friendly people,- and a scenery  that is among the best in the World,- only rivaled by Korea, which I still consider to be the most beautiful place in the World!
After all,- Korea has four distinct different seasons,- while Taiwan has only two, and that does make a difference, - at least to me!

But Taiwan is VERY close,- and believe it or not -, like Korea, Taiwan is another one of those rare, precious places of extremely high "travel- and adventure value",- althoug it has recently to a certain extend been spoiled by mass tourism from China, - but most likely you will not meet your neighbour from Europe or USA there, but will have it all to yourself ,- and the Chinese - depending of where you go.

By the way, - in Taiwan I made a personal travel record!
Usually I like to take my time when I am "on the raod", often using the term: "One more day", - which often became many more days if I liked the place.
But during one of my trips to Taiwan, I experienced such a thrill, that nothing could stop me!
I simply had to see more,- and more,- and more,- and more - -   The Kodachrome light and the colours were there,- and I was thrilled and could  not get enough -, so during a period of 10 days ,- I moved so fast that I did not sleep in the same  bed twice, - and that's quite a lot in such a small country like Taiwan!
However,- it is NOT recommended to move so fast,- and I have never done it since - - -
Better take "one more day"!

Please enjoy my images from the "Beautiful Island"!

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The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
(Photography by © Karsten Petersen)



- one of "Mother Nature's" greatest wonders -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)



Lotus Lake, - Kaohsiung
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)




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