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Although I have been traveling intensively all over the world, - and on all continents except Antarctica -, I will limit this site to cover mainly the Far East region.
That does not mean that other parts of planet Earth are not beautiful or exiting.  They are indeed, - and very much so -, but what makes Asia stand out as the most interesting place, is mainly the highly cultivated and intelligent people, and the unique culture and philosophy they have managed to develop over thousands of years.
After all, a country like China, - and Korea too -, has by far the oldest still continuing culture of all other nations in the world.
We talk about more than 5000 years of a very high, still living culture, so if you are into history and culture, there is no other place on Earth that can compete with Asia on those subjects, and there are no other place where you can learn something important about your own mind and "how things are" - - -
And scenery???
Well,- here you can find some of Mother nature's absolute best and most fantastic creations!
It is this combination of long history, unique culture and magnificent nature that makes Asia my favorite place to explore, - and of course; - the food is GREAT!  :-)

Karsten Petersen

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