- the  FORTRESSES,-- and the WALLS -

Everybody know the  Great Wall of China , which protected China's northern border.
Not so many know about the "Korean Wall", - or rather the "Korean Walls", since there are quite a few impressive fortresses and massive walls scattered all over the country -, which over the years were built with the purpose of protection against its mighty and powerful neighbours, - and indeed -, sometimes also against rivalling fractions within the nation itself.

However,- in spite of these many fortresses and walls, the "Korean Walls" did not prevent invasions from it's mighty  neighbours, who over and over again used their military power against the Korean peninsula.
Surprisingly enough , Korea survived the numerous invasions, although the fortress walls sometimes fell, and it's cities were conquered.

Today the walls and fortresses are still standing there,- some in ruins, and some fully restored to their former glory-, as symbols of a small, peace loving nations desire to survive, and to defend  itself whenever necessary.

Please have a look,- and enjoy the impressive and often very beautiful architecture involved in the FORTRESSES and the WALLS of Korea:

                    1)  SAMNYONSANSONG

              2)  SUWON

                    3)  NAMHANSANSONG

              4)  KUMJONGSANSONG

              5)  SEOUL'S FORTIFICATIONS

                    6)  SANGDANGSANSONG

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