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First Name:Frank
Comment:The Macao/HK pics brougt back some very fond memories. I was born and lived in Macao till I was 21. The very first Macao picture shows the road I walked to my school almost everyday. It was taken in 1973 which was around my first year of middle school. My
Date:June 20, 2012
First Name:PETER
First Name:Sandy
Comment:Thank you very much for these nice pictures. Old pictures but bring back our good memory! From the beautiful place, Old Macau
First Name:Tanaka
Comment:My heart warmer during seeing photo. Thans so much. I could nostalgic trip on your web.
Date:30th.May 2012
First Name:Carrel
Comment:The pics are perfect!!! I see the old HK and Macau
Date:12 May 2012
First Name:ben asterix
Comment:godt gået sailor of the world mega smukt arbejde har selv sejlet i knap 30 år øk og mærsk go wind
Date:31 4 2012
First Name:Greg
Comment:Great site! I love reading about your adventures and seeing all the sailing pictures. Thanks for sharing with someone who never had the chance to sail on one of those ships. I really like your artwork, too, and that of your wife. Very well done.
Date:April 24, 2012.
First Name:Bill
Comment:Thank you for some wonderful photos of old friends. Only good memories.
Date:16 April 2012
First Name:Alberto
Comment:Muito obrigado pelas boas memórias que trouxe através das suas excelentes fotos.
Date:16 Abril 2012

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First Name:Arielle
Comment:Great website! Your photographs are stunning. Ill definitely come back to see more of them.
Date:11 Apr 2012
First Name:Erik
Comment:Hej Karstens Jeg har nogle fine bileder af dig fra Hong Kong jeg vil maile dem til dig mvh ErikThy
First Name:Chris
Comment:Surfing the web for Fulton af Marstal, and found your site. Very nice photos of Fulton. I sailed with her in 1982 and 1986. A life-changing experience!
Date:April 9, 2012
First Name:Colin
Comment:Great to see photographs of the Stolt Sheaf. I was as deck apprentice on her in 1973 as we sailed around USA, Australia, Philipines and Japan
Date:7th April 2012
First Name:Jørn
Comment:Dette er et flot værk. er selv gammel Ove Skou og Rhederi M Jebsen sejleræ
Date:01. april 2012
First Name:Jacopo Brancati
Comment:Great work! A true love for ships and seafaring... and photography! Thanks for the strong photos you made and decided to share!
First Name:william
Comment:A truly interesting website. a friend of mines Uncle Carl Holst was the first captain aboard the MV Kaethe Jebsen. He died aboard in very unclear circumstances. Can you throw any light on this subject?
First Name:otto melbye
Comment:Hi, great site. I came accross whlist investigation my grt grt grand father Peter Emile Helge Melbye who said to Hongkong from middelfart where he lived. Feel free to contact me if you have any information. I am also looking for his birth and marriage cer
Date:12 Jan 2012
First Name:Mads Knudsen
Comment:Hej! Fantastisk side du har lavet her. Spec. Old ships har selvf. min store interesse. Kanon billeder. Det ville være en ære hvis du en dag tog billeder af min gamle skude også. Amrit af Præstø. Mvh Mads
Date:28 dec. 2011
First Name:David
Comment:Just found your site. What fantastic photos you have on there. Some great ships from the past. Was great to see my old ship Pendennis Castle on there as Ocean Queen.Still looked beautiful right to the end of her career. Will be back to your site many more


First Name :   Federico
URL :   http://shipsphotos.blogspot.com/
Comment :   Dear Karstens Surfing the web I got the opportunity to know your website very interesting I am a former Master and the story of Stolt Surf in the storm is quite impressive and I am not surprised of the stupidity of the shore people All the best Fe
Date :   26/03/11

First Name :   Helen
URL :   helengrace6@bigpond.com
Comment :   Hello again Karsten from Helen Grace in Australia. Still amazed at your website everytime I visit it. At last I am going to visit Aabenraa, and hopefully Kalvoe,and Tonder to see for myself, I can hardly wait. Regards to yourself and Kit Yu and keep up t
Date :   25-3-2011

First Name :   Francisco Guzmán Cusís
URL :   fguzmancusis@gmail.com
Comment :   Cordial saludo. Desde Barranquilla, puerto maritimo al norte de Colombia (Sur América) le envio mis felicitaciones por tan buena y excelente información sobre su vida marinera alrededor del mundo. Un sincero y afectuoso saludo, atentamente, FRANCISCO G
Date :   21-03-2011

First Name :   Harold
URL :   hmc111@live.com
Comment :   Hello Great site makes me wish I had spent all my life at sea instead of just 3 years
Date :   12-03-2011

First Name :   Chris
Comment :   Pictures from Samoa brought back many memories from trip from Rotterdam to Melbourne at the end of 1963 on Songkhla. Wonderful!
Date :   05.03.2011

First Name :   Ringo
Comment :   Without a doubt this has to be one of the best maritime and artistic photograph websites anywhere in the world -and to top it off with a very talented artist exposing her amazing work...Tao Kit Yu. Thank you Karsten.
Date :   4th February 2011

First Name :   Dan
Comment :   Great photos! They look like they were taken last month. What kind of film and camera did you use?
Date :   2/1/11

First Name :   Paul
URL :   p.sturm1@kpnplanet.nl
Comment :   The Jeremiah OBrien was for many years the last unaltered Liberty ship in the Reserve Fleet in Suisun Bay. It made the trip to the D-Day celebrations in Europe in 1980!
Date :   27-01-2011

First Name :   Paul
URL :   p.sturm1@kpnplanet.nl
Comment :   What a great website! The unidentified Liberty ship that you pictured lying awaiting its scrapping in 1978 in San Francisco may very well be the S.S.Jeremiah OBrien, the last unaltered Liberty ship, completely restored shortly before it was to be scrappe
Date :   27-01-2011

First Name :   Jean-Marie
URL :   http://cotentinois.free.fr/wordpress
Comment :   from Cherbourg in France, thank you for your very beautiful pictures.
Date :   13/1/2011

First Name :   Michael
Comment :   Karsten, thank you so much for having pictures of USS BRUMBY on your site! I served on board her 72-75 and was in charge of all repair lockers and DC equipment maintenance. I am proud to say the DC award on her port side pic is a result of the fine work a
Date :   18 December 2010

First Name :   Cecille Delector
URL :   aynfaith@yahoo.com
Comment :   Hello Mr. Petersen, I was searching for you since I was introduced to facebook but there were a lot of people bearing your name.I was directed to this site by my best friend whom you also met on one of your ventures into the Philippine soil sometime in 19
Date :   December 16, 2010

First Name :   Larry
Comment :   Stumbled upon your site. I was in the US Army in Thailand in 69-71, and spent a lot of time in the Mosquito Bar. Many memories. My first novel The Bangkok Blues is set there.
Date :   10-Dec-10

First Name :   Hans J. Erdmann
URL :   www.seaconcert.com
Comment :   Hi Karsten, was surprised to see my picture on your wonderful Web side. I remember sitting with you on the terraces of the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok after signing off the Heinrich Jessen 1974 in Bangkok. As time has passed, Im still in Bangkok and sti
Date :   02/12/2010

First Name :   Adrian
Comment :   Very impressive photos!
Date :   Nov 22, 2010

First Name :   Scott
Comment :   Karsten, Many thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.
Date :   Nov. 14, 2010

First Name :   Reinhold
URL :   privat@domspatz-rinaldo.de
Comment :   Dear Mr. Pedersen, i have forgotten my English, but today i must write you.The web-page is the best I see,I spend the whole evening to see. Many pic I´ve got for my private collection.I hope it´s o.k Can you give other nice Danisg Companies in another pag
Date :   01.11.2010

First Name :   Terry
Comment :   Karsten, I have been very impressed with your website, especially the ships and junks. I keep going back and looking at all the wonderful pictures. Thank you!!!
Date :   Oct. 31, 2010

First Name :   John
Comment :   Hi Karsten I have spent several hours looking at your website today and was most impressed bothwith the quality of the pictures but also the stories attached with them such as the various ships you have sailed on and the storm. I have bookmarked your sit
Date :   24/10/2010

First Name :
Comment :   Mr. Petersen, Many Thanks for the images. Id like to put together a powerpoint on the StrOfMagellan. May I use some of your shots? Have you others that I could use and might they have identification or location markers? jim at jimmmcp@hotmail.com
Date :   October 16 2010

First Name :   BoB
URL :   mrbob@globenet.com.ph
Comment :   Just like to say nice web page, at moment I am in a hotel in china at a place called Huludao Liaoning.Standing by a new build VLCC with not much to do on a Saterday afternoon, whixh was made vey nice looking at all your photos, so thank you very much for
Date :   16th Oct 2010

First Name :   shelfy tao
Comment :   aslo,i have nearly forgotten my English. what make me disturbed is that college students have to pass the college students English 4.(maybe want to say a lot)
Date :

First Name :   shelfy tao
URL :   shelfy48@yahoo.com.cn
Comment :   Hello \(*w*)/ long time no see! you know,in China,it also shield some foreign countrieswebsite.a long time i cant see your website.but i am so surprised that now it can allow me to see your website. now my major is Japanese,it have been about 1 year.asl
Date :   2010.10.13

First Name :   Giammarco
Comment :   Karsten, you have made a hell of a good site. I love your pics...The storm is tremendous. very very nice and impressive pictures. Also, I like your sailboat. I hope ewll meet sometimes if I pass by Danemrk. Im 100% sure well have a very long and nice chat
Date :   8.10.2010

First Name :   Helen
Comment :   Looking once again at your wonderful website AND thank you Karsten for all your help re my ancestors in this area I really do appreciate what you have done for me to further my research Kind regards to you both from Helen in Vic 0Z
Date :   Oct 2010

First Name :   Morten
URL :   mail@mortenjespersen.dk
Comment :   Jeg nyder stadig din fantastiske hjemmeside. Især og ikke mindst om Jebsen skibene og deres mænd. Et unikt arbejde du her har lavet. Hilsen Morten Jespersen
Date :   28 Sept. 2010

First Name :   Jerry Coviello
URL :   jcove01@verizon.net
Comment :   Serviced abord the USS HULL DD945 from 1977 to 1981
Date :   9/15 10

First Name :   Gary
URL :   baldi365@yahoo.com
Comment :   I was stationed on USS Concord(AFS5) from 85-89 when I transfered to reserve and she was transfered to the MSC Fleet. Nice to see more wonderful pics of her! Thx for more memories! MS3 Haber USN 85-93
Date :   8/28/2010

First Name :   Chris
URL :   aurum.cc@telkomsa.net
Comment :   Tops ! your pic. We got stuck in a Storm on the 5-6 May 2006 Off Sodwanabay SE Cost Southafrica approx.6-8 miles of coast (200m soundingline) sailing(58 ft motorcat)to Richardsbay... Windspeed gusting up to 70-90 kt SW(acord. to NSRI.I dont think so).
Date :   18.8.2010

First Name :   Ted
URL :   tedwplus9@aol.com
Comment :   I was the pilot of the H53 that took the sick sailor off the ship in the Med. I never knew anyone was taking pictures that day. They brought back great memories.
Date :   12 August 2010

First Name :   Judy
URL :   wengfam@aol.com
Comment :   Thanks so much for the rescue photos. My husband is Lt. Wengierski! We had a tour of duty in Sicily in the late 70s when he was attached to VR-24. Your photos brought back fond memories of our time spent in Sicily. Back then, because of taxpapers dollars
Date :   August 11, 2010

First Name :   John
URL :   johngnielsen@hotmail.com
Comment :   I just had to comment on the picture of the SS United States. The best I have seen! Incidentally, my grandmother was from Marstal.
Date :   07/23/2010

First Name :   Milind
Comment :   Dear Karsten Just wanted to say that you have some fantastic pictures of your life at sea and it brings back many many good memories for me Thanks!
Date :   July 4th, 2010

First Name :   Dave
URL :   www.dabhandradio.com
Comment :   A very interesting site and some fantastic photography! I follow Stolt Puffin just as an interest having seen the ship in Liverpool many times and monitoring via AIS (I am a radio ham!)... It is fascinating how these ships sail back and forth all over Eur
Date :   8th May 2010

First Name :   Wytze
Comment :   Dear Karsten, You have a great site with lots of gorgeous pictures (especially of strait Magelhaen), but I was the most impressed of your story and pictures of the Stolt Surf. Very well done! Greetings
Date :   6 may 2010

URL :   http://lmcshipsandthesea.blogspot.com
Comment :   Congratulations for your fantastic site and for sharing your interest and photos of so many beautiful ships.
Date :   12 APRIL 2010

First Name :   Mary
Comment :   Thanks so much for sharing the gorgeous photo of the SS United States!
Date :   4/8/10

First Name :   Jeanne
URL :   bledbetter1@triad.rr.com
Comment :   I would like to know of Karsten Petersen is related to Fritz Petersen, who was a photographer in Rendsburg Germany - I think in Schleswig-Holstein. I have a photo of my grandmother taken around 1888. On the back of it is this printing Rendsburg Wall-Stras
Date :   March 31, 2010

First Name :   gerry
Comment :   fantastic site.did 20 years a sea.
Date :   29-02-10

First Name :   William
Comment :   Well done Karseten, I went to sea in 1954 and came ashore in 1974. They were the best years of my life. The ports, the ships and the storms can only be felt truly by those who sailed the blue highway.. Regards Bill
Date :   28 Feb 2010

First Name :   Ivor
Comment :   Hi! Thanks so much for the pics of the Kaethe Jebsen which my Late Father Tom served on in a trip to Kuwait around 1962 or 63 he was a Farmer and was needed to look after the sheep during the trip as he had a very good understanding of the needs of sheep
Date :   18-2-10

First Name :   J-Paul
Comment :   Thank you so much for letting us share your love of ships. Wonderful pictures. I can spend hours on your site, remembering the old tmes when I sailed too.
Date :   11 Feb 2010

First Name :   Rick
Comment :   Karsten, old bean.... your site is better than ever since you added the new photos. Excellent work. Rick. Coffee in Middelfart? :-)
Date :   17/01/2010

First Name :   Pedro Becedoniz
URL :   pbeced@ono.com
Comment :   Very good and interesting web. Since I saw it for first time, I have the impression that your life has been, at least, amusing and that is something to envy. Thanks for the web
Date :   05 January 2010

First Name :   ANDREW
Date :   31/12 2009

First Name :   Hege
Comment :   Hello. I am the niese to Guttorm Oddenes. I have seen the pictures of Stolt Surf in the storm. Amazing to see how my dear uncle worked.
Date :   05.12.2009

First Name :   hadji peejay aranda
URL :   profaranda.i.ph
Comment :   BRP Samar Oriental is still serving. If my memory serves right she recently completed her repairs around a year or so ago. If I? not mistaken she? one of the world longest serving WWII ships
Date :   november 15 2009

First Name :   Karsten Sailor
URL :   global-sailor.com
Comment :   Hi folks, - sailors and landlubbers -. I just want to check if the Guestbook link still works after the web site change from Geocities to Webhosting. Best Karsten
Date :   Nov.05.2009

First Name :   João
URL :   http://macauantigo.blogspot.com/
Comment :   I would like to share your photos from Macau in 1973 at my blog. Please contact me. Thanks and congratulations! Nice website.

First Name :   john
URL :   pullacross
Comment :   Hi, sailed on Stolt Spur and the Span,many thanks for bringing back happy memories,never had weather like you though,

First Name :   Bob Chalfant
Comment :   Great photography, especially those of USS HANCOCK in Manila Bay, 1975. I was a Corpman aboard Hanna at the time & likely in sick bay treating shipmates.

First Name :   Steffen
URL :   stunge@gmail.com
Comment :   Hi Karsten, it was great seeing the story from Stolt Surf, which I recall a lot of people at Stolt talked about many years after. I was !A/E on board in the early 80s a mnice ship indeed.

First Name :   Per Asbjørn
URL :   permikal@online.no
Comment :   Hello Karsten. Fantastic hard weather pictures of Stolt Surf. Glad I was not on board on that voyage. I sailed her on the maiden voyage in 1970 till 1973 as radioofficer without going on vacation when she was named Anco Ville. During 33 years at sea, she

First Name :   Patrick
URL :   info@renegadefilms.co.za
Comment :   Dear Karsten, We are doing a documentary on the Chinese South Africans. We would like your permission to use some of your photographs of Chinese junks. With credits of course.

First Name :   Elise tobine
Comment :   hello!i am a norwegian girl i be not so(w) good in english,but i hope you understand.i are interresert in youre boat and stuff you do/make!can you send me a message on elise_Tobine@hotmail.com?or are you dead jørgen bruhn?riht bakch!!!

First Name :   David
Comment :   Excellent web site - sailed on the Stolt Sheaf in 1973 -74. As you said she was a graceful creature. thanks for the memory

First Name :   jcg98a @ yahoo.com
Comment :   Thank you very much for sharing your photographs and experiences. I would like to live a life like yours, but dont know how. Anyway thanks.

First Name :   angela petersen
Comment :   a fantastic website cant stop looking at the town Aeroeskoebing where my ancestors are from fantastic keep up the good work

First Name :   Paolo
Comment :   Great pictures, the ones of the Storm are so impressive! Looks like you have a so rich life, enjoy it. Now back to work at office :). Bye bye from Italy

First Name :   anders
URL :   anette112@glocalnet.net
Comment :   kom in på din sida var ren tur och vilken sida ,underbara kort,vad har du fotograferat med leica?bilderna är ju fantastiska för att vara 70-80 tal och sen alla fantastiska texter till underbara sidor mvh anders

First Name :   James
URL :   arichat45@hotmail.com
Comment :   Hi, I have seen Stolt tankers here at my work. I enjoyed your website and the pics, as specialy the storm. Had I room, I could tell you of the VLCC Front Page and the North Atalantic storm she survived. Thanks again for a great site. Greetings from Nova

First Name :   Nels
URL :   nhbj6@yahoo.com
Comment :   I saw the huge swells returning from west pac on USS Hull but after wind stopped they were mountainous and beautiful!

First Name :   Samsam
URL :   woodcraftssuch@yahoo.com
Comment :   Your site is one of the worlds windows. Thank you.

First Name :   KathyJ
Comment :   Just read you wonderful pages May 15, 2009, about Aabenraa. We are descendants of Jorgen Bruhn.

First Name :   Brenda
URL :   glassfusionsarnia2hotmail.com
Comment :   I am a stained glass artist. Your photos of sailing ships are truly inspirational and very helpful to my research for a series of sailing ship windows. thank you.I live near the great lakes in Canada and regularly see tankers go by on the river between la

First Name :   Seppo
Comment :   just found your site. Went thru chinese junks, fine pics. If youre interested, there is book junks and sampans of the yangtse river that has 150 or so diff junks, seems youve got some of them photoed.

First Name :   Doug
Comment :   I just got done reading your Lost Graves piece. Facinating stuff! I even managed to find it all on Google Maps! My family was invoved in the China Trade so it struck a note with me.

First Name :   Geoff
URL :   oceanicsolutions@gmail.com
Comment :   Karsten, I grew up in Hongkong during the 60 and 70s before going to sea myself. I went to school in Hongkong and knew the son of the Captain of Michael Jebsen (which I visited often. Have you any contact details - the name was Ericson. Al;so appreciate

First Name :   Hartvig
URL :   harteogmette@privat.dk
Comment :   Hej Karsten Var i Søværnet 1965-1966 - ombord på Hvidbjørnen, foretog søopmåling ved Grønland. Var ombord på SKA4., senere Grønnedal. Var ligeledes på Øen Avigait, hvor en af stationerne lå under søopmålingen. Byggede senere ny station ved Malenefjeldet

First Name :   Ray R
Comment :   Heartfelt Thanks For your photoes Great to see a Frieghter that looks like a ship,not the floating boxes of today Thanks again Old seagoing engineer Ray R

First Name :   gustav flems
URL :   gussus@mail.dk
Comment :   mange hilsener fra en pensioneret kaptajn, der kender jebsen skibene lige så godt, og som så dem med glæde, så flot fotograferet og opsat. kaptajn i jebsen fra 1970 til 1980.

First Name :   Wytze
URL :   w.buitenrusthettema@planet.nl
Comment :   Dear Karsten, I like your site. Especially the story of the storm on Stolt Surf. Really scary. Well done. I certainly visit your site again.

First Name :   Rhonda
URL :   rhonda.staskow@gmail.com
Comment :   Hi Karsten - I really enjoyed your story about Danes Island and the detail about the geography of the region and change through the years. Thanks for the pictures of the port of Aabenraa as well. Regards, Rhonda

First Name :   Pierre
URL :   pierrebordeaux@oranfe.fr
Comment :   Hi Karsten, As a ancien seamen I appreciate your pictures. Thank for sharing and Goods winds.

First Name :   Charlie
Comment :   Hi Karsten. Im a little rogue wave obsessed (dreams since I was kid b4 I even knew what they were). Incredible pictures. Glad you made it through!

First Name :   Glen
URL :   gpdaigrepont@miswaco.com
Comment :   im from gulf coast in USA and love ships and shipping. i enjoyed you pics.i kind of felt like i was there! thanks for sharing

First Name :   Taofei
Comment :   Hi,i sign it by moble phone

First Name :   Herbert
URL :   herbert.karting@t-online.de
Comment :   Hello Karsten, since abt. 60 years (I am 73 now) I have been interested in sailing vessel, especially the smaller ones. But I never so far have seen such a fine bunch of beautiful shots as you have been able to produce during the different Fyn-Rund-Races.

First Name :   Herbert
Comment :

First Name :   Paul
URL :   porino9@comcast.net
Comment :   I spent many summers of my youth in the 1950s watching for freighters and tankers off of Turkey Point where the Elk River empties into the Chesapeake Bay just south of the Delaware Canal. Thank you for preserving the images of these wonderful vessels and

First Name :   jim
URL :   jthave02@hotmail.com
Comment :   Surging for photographs of Chinese junks I found your website. There are really a big amount of beautiful pictures of Chinese Junks on your webside. Besides that it was a pleasure to read about your adventures sailing across the oceans. In 1972 I was also

 First Name: Terry Broadbent
URL: www.skicondomammoth.com
Comment: Your history and information on the merchant ships is truly a work of love that I appreciate. I could spend hours on your site as I already have, reading and experiencing the life at sea through your camera and words. Thank you

32 First Name: Rajan G
Comment: Fantastic story on the Stolt Surf sailing the rogue wave. The photos were awesome and I can only imagine how it would have been to actually be there. Scary and the photos convey that. Hope you realize that yours are one of the earliest photos recorded of

33 First Name: Elmus
URL: bobbyb54@cox.net
Comment: Karsten, I served onboard the USS Oklahoma City from Nov.1973-May77. So I do remember ALL the photos of Hong Kong and Australia. I was a gmg3, and when I left I was a Gmg2. A lot of memories for me is still on that Proud Lady too. I would like to thank yo

34 First Name: Stephen Kentwell
URL: skentwel@hotmail.com
Comment: Dear Webmaster, Last week I bought a photo on EBay which I believe to be Clara Jebsen at Chefoo in 1926. Please send me an Email and I will give you a clearer version of this photo, which you may use with acknowledgement. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAP

35 First Name: Larissa
Comment: I was searching the web to find photos of Maisan in Korea, and I found your beautiful artistry! Thank you for sharing!!

36 First Name: Comander Uno EPLF
Comment: Min fru tycker att dina bilder från Korea (hennes hemland), är helt fantastiska. Givetvis delar jag hennes åsikt ! De ger oss vardefulla tipps inför vår nesta Korea resa. Ett Stort Tack ! Long Live EPLF.

37 First Name: Jim Perry
URL: via Neatorama
Comment: routes for some of your photos, showing approximate locations, etc. Very nice distraction. I push a computer mouse all day doing graphic design, and it is nice to escape sometimes... Thanks again, Jim Perry jim@anm8r.net

38 First Name: Jim Perry
URL: via Neatorama
Comment: I really love your photos. Im 39, and land locked in the middle of the United States. Thanks for letting me journey with you, through your photos. I loved the Magellan Strait photos. Do you use a digital camera now? It would be nice to have a map showing

39 First Name: BSP
Comment: S/S Gerda Toft

40 First Name: bjarne
URL: pbjarne@jubii.dk
Comment: fortsættes. lanternegasserne en på kølen. Det skulle ikke undre om vi har sejlet sammen et eller andet sted. Jeg tog til søs i 1962 og stoppede i 2006. Du kan lige se på www.gunnersen.dk og se om vi har. Hilsen fra en gl. snesejler,Bjarne Skov Poulsen

First Name: bjarne
URL: pbjarne@jubii.dk
Comment: Hej Karsten. Fin side du har fået banket ned der. Ved at studere dine sider ser jeg 2 af mine gamle skibe. Jeg var ombord på Hvidbjørnen i 1965 og på Flora i 1966. Hvidbjørnen var et godt sø-skib, hvor imod Flora i dårligt vejr sejlede mere på lantern

First Name :   vhsailor
URL :   http://vhsailor.blogspot.com/
Comment :   Good pictures of the Chinese junk in 70s. Thank you Please more if you have

First Name :   Craig
URL :   tcraigm@yahoo.com
Comment :   Enthraling photography. Thanks to Mr. Peterson for the wonderful armchair tour of the Magellan Straits.

First Name :   Tom
URL :   www.tompotter.co.uk
Comment :   Fantastic site! Im studying ocean science and the section on rogue waves was especially fascinating - and I love the stark photographs!

First Name :   TAO FEI
Comment :   HI~gou lou Im very happy to see your web in guangzhou. The pictures are wonderful !

First Name :   Bill
URL :   wsj@fidalgo.net
Comment :   Enjoyed the Junks being the owner of a 52 one I made from aluminum. Great site.

First Name :   Alec
URL :   revalecp@fish.co.uk
Comment :   Came across your website when trying to identify Whampoa Reach. My great grandfather sailed there on board the Cairngorm during 1858. The ships log records that Able Seaman James Andrews died from drowning and was buried in the European burial ground on T

First Name :   Svend
URL :   Svend.Mathiesen@mail.dk
Comment :   Det handler om at gøre en forskel, om at flytte grænser og rykke hegnspæle, om at turde tænke og være anderledes og om slet og ret at tro på, at viljen til at ville skaber evnen til at kunné Med munter hilsen HUMOUR US FunMatic Svend

First Name :   Solveig
URL :   solveigborgersen@wanadoo.nl
Comment :   Thank you so very mich for the heroic taken pictures during the storm! And of course all the other pictures. But that storm! I could almost hear the sounds! I have been sailing with my father for years during summer times. My father was sailing, as a capt