- Chinese temples -

I forgot which temple this one is, - but I believe that it is the Hung Shing in Wanchai.
Photographed in Wanchai 1977
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)


Here the Wong Tai Sin Temple complex as seen from the Lion Rock.
Note how this oasis has been completely surrounded by modern high-rise apartment blocks.

Of course there are many temples in Hong Kong and the outlying islands, and some are very well known to tourists, - others are not!
Here comes a series of the Wong Tai Sin temple complex on the Kowloon peninsula, - just below the Lion Rock!
That makes it well out of the way from the main tourist flow, so you are not likely to meet any Westerners there.  That leaves it "unspoiled" , and therefore it is a good place in Hong Kong to observe traditional Chinese rites without interference from groups of tourists on sight-seing.

Wong Tai Sin is the father of traditional Chine medicine, and since the Chinese are very concerned about health matters, this temple to the honour of Wong Tai Sin is very popular with the local people, as you can tell from the following pictures.

View from Wong Tai Sin temple garden,- surrounded by high rise buildings.

A view into the inner courtyard and the temple main hall -


Magnificent temple roofs -

- and a pavilion made from copper!

Covered corridor through the temple garden -

The main Hall seen from the temple garden behind - -



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