- rainy season on the Peak -

 In the Hong Kong chapter I have tried to avoid the obvious tourist places and instead concentrated on much more exiting and  interesting things,- not at least the great scenic beauty of Hong Kong -, which must have stunned the first European navigators who explored the China coast!

However,- the Victoria Peak is a must for all visitors to Hong Kong and it is one of the great tourist attractions, due to the fantastic view over one of the greatest cities in the world.
But if you go there in the rainy season, when dark rain clouds drift in from the South China Sea and shrouds the peaks and vegetation in mist and everything becomes grey, and the rain is pouring down, - you cannot see anything, - except a grey wall of mist!
Consequently there are no tourists on the Peak during those circumstances!
Too bad for them,- because even in rain and fog it is still very beautiful up there, high above Hong Kong!

How can it be beautiful when you are more wet than a fish, and the view of the great city has completely gone, and the only thing you can see is in the pouring rain is a wall of grey, dense fog?
Well,- it really is beautiful, because under those circumstances you are forced to look for the nearer things, - things that are very beautiful too -, but unfortunately sadly ignored when the visibility is good.
Another bonus in the rainy season is the waterfall on the Peak!
This waterfall must be the most famous waterfall in Hong Kong, - simply because all tourists who take the walk around the Peak will pass it.
Unfortunately there is normally not much water in this fall, - sometimes it is only dripping -, but when the rain pours down over Victoria Peak, the fall suddenly comes back to life, with lots of cascading water and suddenly it becomes a  wonderful sight, framed by green vegetation with lots of small red flowers.

See for yourself how wonderful it is in the following series of pictures taken during a walk around the Victoria Peak in dense fog and pouring rain,- and with absolutely no people around!

 The mountain side shrouded in mist, - almost dreamlike - -

 - and all the spirits are turned loose -

 Mist does not mean that all colours are gone! Look here at some very wet, red flowers -

 - and here a single white one -

- here a huge rubber tree, - ghostlike with its aerial roots hanging down from the mist  -

- and here the most "famous" waterfall in Hong Kong -

- a closer view,- and lots of small red flowers -

A final view of a waterfall in rain - -



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