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Traditional Sailing Ships

3-mast schooner "Fulton"
- and small boy in deep wonder trying to understand the special beauty and magic of a traditional sailing ship -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

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The following photos on this page are all taken in the port of Middelfart in 1992 during the annual "race" round island Fyn for traditional sailing ships.
The "race" is known under the name "Fyn Rundt" - and usually 35 - 40 traditional sailing ships participate in this colourful cultural event.

 A forest of masts
It looks like 1892, but in fact it is 1992, - in the port of Middelfart.
- photo taken during the race , - "Fyn Rundt" -, for traditional sailing ships -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

This scenario can be seen every year in the ports of the Danish island Fyn,- when the traditional ships meet for a friendly competition,- a "race" around the island.

The days of commercial trading on sailing ships are of course long gone.
The ships are scrapped or wrecked, - and an awful lot of the old Danish schooners are sold to foreign countries.
Too many - - - -

Ships arriving Middelfart in 1992
- 3-mast schooner "Fylla" already alongside, - and Steel hulled schooner "Freia" approaching -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

However,- a new generation of ship lovers has now brought attention to the problem, -and they have done a lot to promote the understanding of the high cultural value connected to these ships, which were once the lifeblood of the country,- the link between the islands, and - indeed-, the whole world!

Schooner "Aron" in Middelfart during the race "Fyn Rundt" 1992
- crew securing sails for the night -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)


They offer a lot of their money and time to restore the old ships so that they can again appear on the water in all their former glory,- and as a result-, the number of traditional ships in service seem to be growing.

Why are they doing it?
Well,- I think it's the "Sea Fever" - - - -
That sounds like a disease,- but it's more like a built-in instinct for water, sky, wind and ships,- an instinct very dominating in the Danish people, since they for thousands of years have been living in their island kingdom surrounded by water everywhere.

I presume, that there are about 3 - 400 old sailing ships in service now,- and in the summertime you can meet them everywhere between the Danish islands,- where they fit in perfect.

Working aloft
- crew member securing the rigging, - "Fyn Rundt" 1992 -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

Everything ship-shape , - ready for the night.
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

This is a tribute to the ships,- and the beautiful people who sail them and keep the tradition alive!

Photographer at work, - Karsten Petersen -, July 26th. 2005
Me in my fast and faithful boat, - "Wobbegong" -, on the way out to meet the old traditional sailing ships.
Also take note of my favorite tool, the almost 40 years old, ultimate picture machine, - the Canon F-1!
(Photography by Jesper Petersen)

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