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"Danmark" was built by Nakskov Shipyard for the Danish government as a training ship for future sailors. She is the biggest of the Danish training ships.
She is managed by the Maritime Training and Education Center in Frederikshavn, - and while the smaller "Georg Stage" stays near Danish waters, the bigger "Danmark" regularly crosses the Atlantic to USA, South America and The Caribbean Islands.
During WW2 she did not return back home to occupied Denmark, but sailed to USA and served during the 5 years by educating thousands of officers for the US Navy, which makes her quite a popular ship whenever she visit US ports.

Commissioned:  1933
Dimensions, meters:  Total Length 77,  Beam 10, Draught 5,2
Tonnage:  737
Sails:  26 pcs., - 1632 square meters.
Engine: 1 diesel, - 375 Kw
Crew:  16
Trainees:  80
Speed by engine: 9 knots
Speed by sail: 12 knots

Photographed during the "Tall Ship's Race" in Frederikshavn, Denmark in 1984
(Photographt  ©  Karsten Petersen)

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