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Destroyers - USA

USS "Gurke" DD 783
Gearing Class Destroyer, US Navy.
(Photographed in Hong Kong, 1974.)
(Photography by Karsten Petersen)

USS "Hull", - DD945
Forrest Sherman Class Destroyer, - US Navy-
(Take note of the big 8" gun forward. This caliber gun is VERY unusual for a destroyer.)
(Photographed off the Luzon coast, Phillippines in the seventies.)
(Photography by Karsten Petersen)

USS "Waddell"  DDG 24
 Charles F. Adams Class Guided missile Destroyer, US Navy.
(Photographed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1974.)
(Photography by Karsten Petersen)

USS "John Paul Jones"  DDG 53
Guided Missile Destroyer, Arleigh Burke Class, US Navy
(Photographed in Hong Kong Sept.01.1997.)
(Photography by Karsten Petersen)

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