"The Ships"


My ship, - "Kit Yu"

- a classic Nordic Folkboat -

- part 4 , - in the water -

Finally in the water!  I am mounting the mast
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Rigging the boat is completed, - and "Kit Yu" is ready to fly over the ocean -
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

The most exiting question that comes up just after launching a wooden boat is:  Is it leaking, - and how much????
Well, - a wooden boat always leaks a little in the beginning , but it should stop again, - otherwise you might have a problem!
Luckily enough "Kit Yu" only leaked very little, - after one day only about a cup -, and after that it stopped completely!
I must have done a good job, - or the boat builder way back in 1963!

Showing her new fisherman's anchor!
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

The old folding type anchor has now been demoted to spare anchor.
Reason is, that all ships should have a spare anchor, - but apart from that, the old fisherman's anchor looks much better and suits an old type boat better than the modern anchor types, although it might not always hold as good as many of the modern types of anchors.
However, the fisherman's anchor has been the standard anchor type since the vikings, - and has worked well for 1000 years.
It works very well for "Kit Yu" too, - but it does of course help a lot, that the first 8 meters of the anchor line is made from steel chain.
I have never experienced that it did not hold, - even in strong current.

The interior.
No changes here since last year, but I do have a solid brass barometer which has to mounted. (When I find time!)
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

The main cabin.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

The main cabin.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

The main cabin.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

The cockpit.
I am not happy about the plastic bucket with the anchor line/chain underneath the bench.  It's a disgrace!
At the first opportunity I MUST change it out with a real traditional bucket made from varnished and painted oak.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Looking forward.  Here, - somewhere -, I have to find space for navigation lights.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Well, - here's the reward for all the work, -  and what it's all about.  SAILING - -
(Photography © Kit Yu Tao)

The Commanding Officer at the tiller - -
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Taking a break, -  the combined chief officer, 1.st mate, bosun, seaman, cook and deck boy, - Kit Yu.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Looking forward, - at anchor at beautiful island Fænø -
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Looking aft, - at anchor at beautiful island Fænø -
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

- while other great old ships are passing, - here approaching, - the "Fulvia" , and behind the "Pippilotta" leaving -
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

"Kit Yu", - classic Nordic Folkboat -, in all her glory.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

"Kit Yu" and her sister in port while the moon rises -
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

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