"The Ships"


My ship, - "Kit Yu"

- a classic Nordic Folkboat -

- part 2 , - fixing her up -

Year 2010 I decided to go ahead with a major overhaul, that should make "Kit Yu" last a while before next major projects came up.
I only managed to do part of the planned jobs.
What was not done was a complete cleaning, scraping and painting of the enture internal hull section, - but I only managed to complete the aft section, which is also the most exposed part since the cockpit is open and subject to weather and water.
Also I wanted to completely renew the electrical system, - cables, - cabin lights and navigation lights, but this job I postponed to next year.
Otherwise I came quite a long way with my old boat.
See following account of the jobs done - - - -

Winter, - freezing with snow -, and "Kit Yu" is waiting for spring under her winter clothing.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

I started to completely overhaul the rudder, - off came 45 years of paint.
Here the cleaned rudder is drying in the sun before priming and painting.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Here the rudder and tiller is almost finished, - and drying before the final coats of paint and warnish.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Here is what the inner hull looked like after removing the cockpit floor boards -
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Another view into the inner keel section, - with years of accumulated dirt
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

The internal bottom section looking quite good after cleaning and priming.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Several of the transversal supports for the cockpit floor boards looked very bad.
I changed them all out with new ones made from solid oak. Should now last the next couple of hundred years!
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Another view into the cleaned and primed aft bottom section, - looking good!
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Here some of the new transversal oak supports I fitted after removing the original ones.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Here another look at some the new oak parts.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Take note of the frame in the middle of the picture.  Here I cut a bad looking piece out and replaced it with a new section,- glued in place with epoxy.
Also you can see, that I glued on a doubler on the repaired section, and finalle secured it with screws. Maybe it is now stronger than original?

When the bottom was finished, the cockpit floor plates could be fitted. Looking good now!
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Here a look into the aft keel section in the cabin space.  It is looking much better than the outside sections.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

And here is what it looks like after cleaning and priming.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Now to the outside of the hull.  Here I also removed 45 years of paint, so that I could inspect the condition of the wood.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Here a closer look.
The wood section above the iron keel, as well as the stern post are made from solid oak! Should last "forever"!
All other woodwork was also found in very good condition.
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Here the underwater hull has been coated with "Hempel Platin Primer".
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

- and here the first coat of bottom paint is being applied -
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

Work well done, - bottom section finished, - and looking good!
I changed colour from white to red, because "Kit Yu" is an old boat, and I wanted her to look more "traditional".
(Photography © Karsten Petersen)

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