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S/S "Clara Jebsen" of 1902

S/S "Clara Jebsen"
(Copy of an old post card I found in Antwerp)

Builders: S.A Chantier Naval Anversois, Hoboken, Antwerp
Year: 1902
Tonnage:  3000 dw.
Length: 259,6 feet  (79,13 meters)
Breath: 36,6 feet  (11,16 meters)
Depth: 20,7 feet  (6,30 meters)
Indicated horsepower:  900 ihp

Here is a picture of an early Jebsen owned steam ship, - the "Clara Jebsen" -, during fitting out at the building yard, - Chantier Naval Anversois -, on the Schelde in Hoboken, Antwerp, Belgium.
As mentioned above it is a scan of an old post card, and an investigation lead me to the referred conclusions.
The engine was a triple expansion steam engine from North Eastern Marine Engine Co., Wallsend/Tyne, and she had two boilers.
"Clara Jebsen" was registered under German flag, and served Rhederi M. Jebsen of Aabenraa until 1914, when she was sold to Don Steam Ship Co. of Manila and renamed S/S "Don Neil".
Later during her career she changed owners again and was renamed S/S "Tioga", - and later again she became S/S "Macaria" and finally she became Chinese under the name S/S "Pei Fu", - owned by North China Steam Ship Co. Ltd., Tientsin.
Under Chinese flag she finally ran aground at Tsunoshima in 1940 and got totally wrecked.

S/S "Clara Jebsen"
- in her glory days combining sail and steam -
(From a privately owned painting)


S/S "Clara Jebsen" of 1922

S/S "Clara Jebsen"
Most likely photographed by US Navy personnel at Chefoo, - present day's Yantai -, in 1926.
(Reproduced with kind permission of the owner of the original photo, - Mr. Stephen Kentwell of Australia.)

S/S "Clara Jebsen" - 1922 to 1943

Builders:  Howaldtswerke A.G. Kiel, Germany
Year: 1922
Tonnage: 3200 Tdw, 1974 Brt.
Horsepower: 900 indicated.
Owners: Rhederi M. Jebsen, Aabenraa, Denmark

The second S/S "Clara Jebsen" served the Jebsen company until 1936, when she was sold to Wallem & Co. of Bergen, Norway in 1936 under the new name "Dah Pu".
During World War II, she was finally sunk in 1943 by a Japanese submarine.


- and here another Jebsen related post card -

M/S "Emma Jebsen"

M/S "Emma Jebsen"
(Copy of a post card from the Webmaster's collection.)

Here is another card, - this time most likely the newest Jebsen related post card -, showing the newest ship, - the "Emma Jebsen". I do not know if it was a promotion card from the building yard, or if it was issued by the Jebsen Company - -


Now something completely different, - a menu card - - -
With only Chinese Cooks and Chief Stewards, we lived , - to put it mildly -, quite well onboard the Jebsen ships.
No need to deny that!
Here a menu card from M/S "Kaethe Jebsen", - dated May 11th. 1964.

Original menu card from the "Kaethe Jebsen".
(Photo submitted by Karl Jensen, - Australia.)


I had a newer menu card from the seventies from M/S "Emma Jebsen", but have given it away to Aabenraa Museum, which has quite a fantastic maritime collection about the great maritime past of the city.
However, - I made a rather bad copy of this card before I gave it away for the benefit of mankind and maritime history, - and here on this copy, - as shown below -, you can see what we had for lunch at that Christmas way back in 1975 - - - -

"Emma Jebsen"
- Menu Card from Christmas 1975 -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen)

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