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The "race" round island Fyn, - 2006

I planned to photograph the "race" in 2006 in a slightly different way as previously - - -
Instead of using my boat to sail out and meet the old ships on the water as they approached Middelfart, - I decided to take position on a hill at the entrance to the narrow part of Lillebælt, and from there enjoy the sight.
The idea was actually quite good with a wonderful view over the water, but unfortunately the fleet came in a little late, and therefore they stroke their sails very early and used their engines instead in order to get moored in Middelfart at the scheduled time - - -
Therefore I only managed to get few shots where the sails were still up as the ships passed my look-out position on the hill - - -

The following morning I decided to take revenge, and took to sea with my boat in order to catch the fleet as they departed from Middelfart - - - -
However, - for some reason none of the ships hoisted their sails, and consequently I failed miserably to photograph old, traditional sailing ships chasing over the blue ocean under clouds of white canvas - - - -

But still, - I did get some reasonable good shots of the event - - -
Please enjoy!  :-)

Schooners "Aron", "Meta" and "Brita Leth" approaching.
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

"Aron" and "Brita Leth"
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

This beautiful schooner is for a change not a Danish old-timer, - but German.
And old she is, - from 1883 -, and built as a pilot schooner.
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

Into the sunset
- sails down, - on the last leg of the voyage to Middelfart -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

Next morning the fleet left Middelfart, - and the "race" was on again -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

Here one of the smaller ships, "Emanuel" , - a cutter -, which has a good reputation for speed.
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

Here an almost similar cutter, - the "Viking" - , originally built for custom inspection of ships.
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

"Lilla Dan"
Topsail schooner "Lilla Dan" entering Fænø Sund -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

"Grønne Erna"
Passing through the narrow Fænø Sund between islands Fyn and Fænø.
The name means "Green Erna", which obviously refers to her colour.
She was originally built and used as a fishingboat only driven by sails.
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

The fleet at the south end of Fænø Sund, - approaching the open sea - - -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

Finally in open water, - but NO wind -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

No wind, - and no sails - - -
Here the fleet at open sea heading south, - island Brandsø in the background.
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

Here the beautiful, steel hulled schooner "Freia" has stopped because the crew wanted to swim.
It is quite obvious, that hoisting sails makes no sense in this type of dead calm weather.
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

"Brita Leth"
- island Brandsø in the background -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

- one of the big ones -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

"Fylla" and "Elbe-5"
- and here the old Greenland trader "Fylla", followed by the old German pilot schooner "Elbe-5" -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

- Denmarks oldest schooner from 1895 -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

- and here comes "Havgassen", - originally built as a live fish transport way back in 1898 -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

The final view -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

The fleet disappeared towards south, - and none of them hoisted sails-
Therefore it made no sense to follow them - - -
Hopefully next years "race" will be blessed with lots of wind -
( - and indeed!!! - It was - - - !)

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