"Emma Jebsen"

People and life onboard

Christmas 1976

"Emma Jebsen's" two youngest "crew" members - -

All sailors should have their own rabbit, - of course
Here Chief Engineer Verner Mullman with his personnal rabbit, - jan. 1977
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

However, - the true ownership of the rabbit is here seriously disputed by youngest crewmember Irene.
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

Finally the rabbit is shared, - and harmony is restored - -
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

Here something different, - gambling in the crew's mess.
Chan Lap Chung in the process of "skinning" the deck crew!
(When they could not pay, Chan Lap Chung would take them to the engine room to work their debt off by cleaning and polishing!)
(Photography by Karsten Petersen ©)

Duty Officer Birger Hauerslev fending off a massive kung-fu attack by Crew Cook Leung Chi Man.
(Photographed onboard "Emma Jebsen" in 1974)

Don't you NEVER, EVER do it again!!!!!
 Photographed onboard "Emma Jebsen" in 1974
(Photography by Karsten Petersen)

M/S "Emma Jebsen"
Relaxing in the Officer's day room.
(Submitted by Karl Jensen, Australia)

Sitting in front, - reading -, 2nd. Engineer Erik.  Sitting at table to the left, - one of the mates, - Erling -, and sitting behind to the left, - the Webmaster, 1st. Engineer Karsten Petersen -, - and finally behind to the right, the Radio Officer Jørgen - - -

M/S "Emma Jebsen"
Officer's eating something on the recreational deck.
(Photo submitted by Karl Jensen, Australia)

Left to right:  1st. Mate Niels Rasmussen, - 1st. Enginer Karsten Petersen (The webmaster), - and to the right 3rd. Engineer John Peter Moeller.
The two fierce looking dogs are the property of the Danish Consul General of the Philippines, who joined us on a trip between Manila and Hong Kong.

(Photo submitted by Karl Jensen, Australia)

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