- the "Fairy Tale Town" -

Ærøskøbing - (Aeroeskoebing) - is something very special - - -
You will not find anything like it anywhere else in the Kingdom of Denmark, and for that matter not so many places outside the Kingdom either.
When approaching the town by ferry,- it does not look like anything special.  Only when you step ashore, and take a stroll up the main road just opposite the ferry landing, you understand why it is called the "Fairy Tale Town".

 Ærøskøbing - (Aeroeskoebing) -, seen from the ferry - - - -

Against the light - - -  Entering the city.

What makes Ærøskøbing - (Aeroeskoebing) - so unique is the fact, that this town looks just like what an average Danish town looked like for 3 - 400 years ago.
The inner plan of this town,- which dates back to the middle ages-, is protected by a preservation order.  Therefore you will NOT see TV antennas or satellite receivers on the roof tops,- and the houses cannot be modified or repaired, unless it is made strictly the traditional way.

The streets are still paved with coppled stones,- and no wires for the electricity supply to the houses are exposed.
If not for the cars,- and the modern items on display in the shop windows-, you really feel like being 3 - 400 years back in time.

Please enjoy my impressions of this gem of a town, with it's fine, old and immaculately preserved old buildings and street plan.
And please understand, that this idyllic town is NOT a museum-, but a fully alive community like any other Danish town.

Most pictures are taken during a late afternoon stroll through the town on May 4th. 2001, but there is also some input from 2002.

 Main street leading down to the port -

The old houses are truly beautiful with many wonderful details,- and it is impossible to visit this town without being totally enchanted by the genuine atmosphere of times gone by.

Here the city hall and old water pumps at the middle of the city square - -

This must be the most photographed house in town - -

- and this funny small house squeezed in between the yellow- and the black house must be the smallest.

Of course there are lots of "Staffordsshire Dogs" as well, - here a collection looking both outwards and inwards.

Here the church, - the third one built on this spot.

A narrow alleyway - -
Take note of the writing on one of the murals,- "Anno 1680" - -

Wonderful old city houses - -

A view along one of the streets - -

Finally something VERY maritime - - -  A cook house!

This funny, small building is found at the far end of the port area of Ærøskøbing (Aeroeskoebing) , and therefore it is easily ignored by visitors, which is a shame.
It is actually an old shore based galley.
In the age of sail, when the ports were packed with wooden sailing ships, it was prohibited to use the galleys onboard the ships due to the obvious fire hazard.
Therefore the hot food for the crews had to be prepared under more safe conditions in shore based cook houses like this one.
The historical cook house in Ærøskøbing  (Aeroeskoebing)  is not the only one that still exist in Denmark, but I believe, that this particular one is the only one left that is still in use, - not for the professional sailors -, but for the many pleasure boats crews that visit the port.
Here they are free to use the old cook house to grill their steaks, chops and sausages, and the sailors of our time seem to do that with great pleasure - - - -

Interior of the old galley, - take note of the soot stained walls - -

Leaving Ærøskøbing - -

Traditional sailing ship clearing the western point of uninhabited island Dejrø just outside the port of Ærøskøbing.
Other islands, - Drejø and Fyn -, is seen in the background.


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