- the restored section -

Here are some shots from the beautifully restored section of Wuzhen, but you will of course notice, that I have used much more space on the old section which are not yet restored.

The reason should be quite obvious.  The restored section is beautiful,- with a lot of harmony between the buildings and the water-, but it IS a tourist place,- which makes it kind of sterile compared to the "real" thing.  You do NOT meet the children, - the street vendors,- the cats,- the shop keepers,- the rusty bikes,- and whatever makes a city alive and full of spirit and soul - - - -

That,- however -, should NOT scare people from visiting Wuzhen!
It IS beautiful - - - , but come early before the tourist invasion starts - - -

Please enjoy my impressions of some truly unique, traditional Chinese architecture,- so beautiful and full of harmony with the surroundings - - -








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Updated:  June 5th.2003
                 Nov. 19th. 2004