"The Cultural Revolution"

- pictures and memories from a turbulent time in China -

Celebrating October 1st. 1972 in Shanghai.


I have now ran out of memory space in this web site.

But since pictures and experiences from the time of the Cultural Revolution and the Mao period are extremely rare, - I feel that I should do something about it, since China at that time was a totally closed country, where only very few people from the Western world got a chance to have a rare look inside.
And of those very few selected people, even fewer could handle a camera, - or were allowed to use a camera -, which makes it even more important to publish impressions from that time - - - -
And I have "tons" of stuff - - -

What I have done now is following:
Part of my deal with my internet provider includes 10MB free homepage space, which I have now found out how to use!  (Finally!!!)
Therefore,- if you click on following link you should get straight to my new homepage which will only deal with pictures from China during the "Cultural Revolution".

Please enjoy my pictures and memories from:


Updated:  Jan.09.2005